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FULL SPEECH: President Donald Trump Delivers Remarks At The Faith And Freedom Conference 6/8/2017

FULL SPEECH: President Donald Trump Delivers Remarks At The Faith And Freedom Conference 6/8/2017 President Trump delivers a speech Thursday at …


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  1. Message to priests, Bishops and Cardinals about False Prophet
    Tuesday, 7 June 2011 @ 15:50
    Message 107
    My dearly beloved daughter, you have suffered because the deceiver is tormenting you.
    You must pray hard to resist his attacks on you.
    Place all your trust in me and then let me deal with these.
    Instead, you are getting upset, when you must offer this suffering to me with joy in your heart.
    If you keep reminding yourself that it is because you
    are in union with me that these sufferings come about and that you are
    truly blessed as a chosen soul, then you will feel differently.
    Many of my followers are now beginning to realise what
    is happening in the world and through the graces of the Holy Spirit
    they are rising to the challenge of defending My Word.
    This army of the faithful will become stronger now and will fearlessly lead sinners towards salvation.
    My Holy Vicar, Pope Benedict, needs your prayers.
    Pray for him daily for he needs protection on every level to take him through the torment that lies ahead.
    It is important that my followers keep alert to any new pope that may come forward for he will not be from God.
    Please urge all My Sacred Servants to prepare for the
    terrible challenges, the most daunting they will ever have to face in
    their ministry.
    It will take great courage to stand up to the truth of My Teachings.
    So many of My Sacred Servants are blind to the promises I made, when I said I would come again.
    When did they think this would be?
    So used are they to reciting My Teachings that they
    have forgotten that they may witness these events at any time and,
    perhaps, even in their own lifetime.
    For this is one of the greatest challenges today.
    If I sent prophets into the world thousands of years
    ago, then of course, I will send them again in the period to prepare the
    world for when I will come again.
    Wake up to the lessons you teach your congregation.
    Realise that it is I who speaks to you now.
    Many will come in My Name, but few will speak the truth.
    This message comes from me, your Divine Saviour.
    Pray for the discernment to recognise My True Voice when it is given to you.
    Open your hearts now and listen to what I have to tell you.
    The time has come, to inform you, that the prophecies contained in the Book of Revelation are about to unfold before your eyes.
    You, My beloved servants, must fight with bravery,
    through your love for me, against the obstacles placed by the deceiver
    that will challenge you to the end of your endurance.
    You must acknowledge that the False Prophet is about to seduce you.
    Charm you.
    Convince you that he represents the truth.
    You must now show your allegiance to me, and my Eternal Father.
    Please do not despair.
    For although these events will frighten you and disturb you, your allegiance and loyalty must be to me.
    For the first time in your ministry, your faith will be truly tested now.
    The Church of Peter is My Church.
    But when the keys are handed back to God the Father, which they will be now, the Church becomes part of My Kingdom.
    I Am the Truth.
    Follow the truth at all times.
    Pray to me now, for the graces required to ensure you will rise above the deceit of Satan in time.
    Otherwise the False Prophet will ensnare my beloved
    children through his charismatic, charmful
    ways, the ways of the
    deceiver, with whom he is entangled.
    Satan will not win over My Church if My servants are alert to the deceit and see it for what it is.
    A diabolical lie, from which, if you become involved and swear allegiance to this new abomination, there will be no return!
    Hear me now.
    Turn to me for guidance and the special graces required to lead my flock back to me and My Heavenly Father.
    For when you do, I will bestow such graces that it
    will not be long before you will find the strength to defend My Word, at
    all costs.
    I love you all and yearn for your support during these end times.
    Jesus Christ

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